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David’s Books

How To Save Jobs


A shocking and disturbing look into how changes worldwide have created enormous disruption in the very nature of jobs in America. Gewirtz’ strategies and tactics could make a real difference and help save and create jobs in America.

Where Have All The Emails Gone?


Email at the White House is strategic communication at the highest levels of the Executive Branch. It’s deep, personal, candid, unfiltered communication within the leadership of the most powerful nation on Earth. And it’s very, very broken.

The Flexible Enterprise


This highly practical guide recognizes the problems of doing business in a recession-prone economy and offers battle-tested strategies and tactics for creating growth through reinvention. The Flexible Enterprise can give you the skills to start reshaping your company’s future today.

A Empresa Flexivel


Ser flexivel e reagir rapidamente a pressoes externas e muito importante se voce quer que sua empresa sobreviva.

Lotus Notes 3 Revealed!


Lotus Notes 3 Revealed! was the first business book ever written on Lotus Notes. It provided practical usage tips and advice along with compelling, real-life examples of how Notes transformed some of the world’s most successful corporations. And that was back in 1993!

HyperTalk and the External Commands


Apple’s HyperCard program caused an instant revolution in the personal computer world. Sometimes considered the precursor technology to the Web, HyperTalk provided users with condensed and efficient way to find information about HyperCard’s programming language.

Digital Books

What The Heck is a Megapixel?


This Solutions Guide delves into megapixels and helps you really understand what the term means, and how megapixel-related choices will directly result in better pictures and better prints.

Using XML with Domino

September 2003 – ZATZ PUBLISHING

Broadly speaking, XML allows anything to talk to anything, quickly and easily. In Using XML with Domino, we’ll help you understand how you can use XML (Extensible Markup Language) to help Domino communicate with Excel, Office, a content management system, and more.

Handheld Fitness

October 2002 – ZATZ PUBLISHING

Everyone has different needs when it comes to living a fit lifestyle. Whether your goal is to lose weight or gain muscle, become a bodybuilder or just become healthy, or even get in shape for beach season, the Handheld Fitness Solutions Guide can help.

PalmPower Interviews

October 2002 – ZATZ PUBLISHING

This Solutions Guide presents seven personal interviews with top executives at IBM, SAP, Sprint PCS, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Extended Systems and Palm, Inc. about their plans for the future of mobile computing.

Using JavaScript with Domino

October 2002 – ZATZ PUBLISHING

In many ways, JavaScript has evolved into the de facto standard for programming in Web clients. JavaScript can be used to accomplish tasks within the browser in the same way that LotusScript does in the Lotus Notes client. It’s all in the Using JavaScript with Domino Solutions Guide.

Using Domino with Linux

October 2002 – ZATZ PUBLISHING

As you no doubt know, the open-source Linux operating system stands toe-to-toe with Windows 2000 and 2003 as a production server environment. Now that Domino will run on Linux systems, are you prepared to take advantage of the powerful synergy between these two amazing servers? You can be with this Solutions Guide.

Ultimate Outlook Solutions Guide

October 2002 – ZATZ PUBLISHING

How can you save time and get the most, the absolute most out of using Outlook with your Palm device? It’s all in the Ultimate Outlook Solutions Guide, the single most comprehensive source of Palm OS and Outlook information in one place.

Mobile Presentations

October 2002 – ZATZ PUBLISHING

Have you ever wanted to download a PowerPoint presentation to your Palm OS handheld? How about projecting a presentation from your handheld, without lugging a laptop? Have you been curious about what tools and resources there were for having your presentation at hand, on demand? It’s all in the Mobile Presentations Solutions Guide.

Getting Up to Speed with QuickPlace

October 2002 – ZATZ PUBLISHING

QuickPlace is a Lotus collaboration tool that DominoPower calls "hero-maker software" because it’s so easy and straightforward to use as a resource for building team-collaboration environments. It’s all in the Getting Up to Speed With QuickPlace Solutions Guide.

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