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The Insider for Lotus cc:Mail

The following 33 articles by David Gewirtz were published in The Insider for Lotus cc:Mail, published by the Cobb Group division of Ziff-Davis:

May 1998
  • cc:Mail cost-of-upgrade study
March 1998
  • Business partners weigh in on cc:Mail’s future
February 1998
  • Introducing cc:Mail. Release 8
  • DB8 resource management
November 1997
  • Rules, Roles, and Intelligent Agents
September 1997
  • Introducing Intelligent Agents
August 1997
  • Connecting to the Internet step-by-step: Part 3
  • Understanding Internet domain names
  • Searching for a coherent strategy at Lotus
July 1997
  • cc:Mail and the future of Lotus messaging
June 1997
  • Connecting to the Internet step-by-step: Part 2
  • Debugging crashes and finding other users
May 1997
  • Lotusphere, Lotus fear, and the future of cc:Mail
  • Connecting to the Internet step-by-step: Part 1
April 1997
  • Is cc:Web Lotus’ most strategic product?
March 1997
  • Trouble-shooting cc:Mobile connections
February 1997
  • Have you visited Lotus’ Web sites recently?
January 1997
  • Preparing cc:Mail for DB8, product by product
  • Use E-mail, make more money
November 1996
  • Striking the mother lode
  • More tips for successful DB8 migration
  • Sample migration plan
October 1996
  • Enhancing cc:Mail with AppleScript
  • cc:Mail AppleScript commands
  • Part III: Solving the Macintosh client to Windows NT server problem
  • Avoiding compression problems on SMTPLink connections
  • More on vacation rules
September 1996
  • Macintosh client to Windows NT server, Part 2
  • Using .forward to consolidate Internet E-mail accounts
  • COM port problem solving with cc:Mail Router
August 1996
  • Macintosh client to Windows NT server
  • Configuring NT for 10-BaseT AppleTalk
  • Creating a vacation rule

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