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Workspace for Lotus Notes

The following 97 articles by David Gewirtz were published in Workspace for Lotus Notes, published by the Cobb Group division of Ziff-Davis:

June 1996
  • The quest for E-mail nirvana
  • Easter Egg hunt
  • Delivery options in Notes Release 4
  • Creating lists in Notes
  • Redlining in Notes
  • LNN subscriber resources
May 1996
  • Mail alert
  • Deleting your mail
  • File viewers
  • Creating a FAQ discussion database
  • When video becomes document
April 1996
  • Problems with compacting
  • I hate my password
  • Automatically logging off
  • Mail options
  • Understanding the new Notes Mail client
  • Preparing your managers for groupware
  • More Internet ‘myth-conceptions’
March 1996
  • Special report: Lotusphere ’96
  • Interesting third-party products at Lotusphere
  • What is LotusScript?
  • Using customized pictures on SmartIcons
  • Keyboard and mouse tricks
  • Creating a vacation rule-The need for platform awareness
February 1996
  • Finding Notes Release 3 menu commands in Notes Release 4
  • The document-centric nature of Notes
  • Lotus Notes Web strategy
  • A cool, new workspace in Notes Release 4
  • Opening Notes databases
  • How to use embedded objects
  • A smartIcon scratch pad
  • Sign your memo with style!
  • Fun with linked objects
  • Scanning ‘preferred’ databases
January 1996
  • First look: Lotus Notes Release 4
  • Watching Notes grow up
  • Notes: past and future
  • File attachments vs. file imports
  • Full text searching tips
  • Bullets over Notes
  • Tables in Notes
  • What’s under the hood?
November/December 1995
  • Using WorldCom to connect Notes to the outside world
  • A new kind of network
  • Integrating Internet data into the Notes environment
  • The making of Notes network
  • Creating a SmartIcon to automatically add names to your personal Name & Address Book
  • Understanding headers and footers
  • Changing Bitmap images to pop-ups
  • Build your own perpetual calendar
  • Connection documents for the remote user
October 1995
  • Common tech support questions and answers
  • Choosing the right support option
  • Inside Lotus Technical Support
  • Creating a vacation macro
  • Quick Tips
  • The Vault
  • Planning for Lotusphere ’96
  • Stopwatches in Notes
  • Why wont my database replicate?
September 1995
  • Installing Notes on your home computer
  • Resolving the user empowerment paradox
  • Tuning in to customers’ needs
  • Understanding the difference between Database Copy and Database Replica
  • Viewing documents through different forms
  • Changing your Notes colors
  • Securing your documents
  • What’s my modem doing?
  • Pattern matching with Notes
  • Saving local disk space
  • Detach multiple files in a single click!
August 1995
  • Using Microsoft Office and Lotus Notes together
  • Your guide to Notes resources online
  • The more things change
  • A sneak peek at Notes 4
  • Fast and easy replication
  • Importing files into rich text fields
  • Hiding information in a document
  • Setting a long dialog prefix
July 1995
  • Using Lotus Approach as quick and easy report writer for Notes
  • ImmuNet and the search for an AIDS cure
  • Where Notes meets the Internet
  • Notes publishing on the World Wide Web
June 1995
  • Choosing the Notes client that’s best for you
  • The Lotus Business Partner Connection
  • Lotus Business Partners
  • The Notes Working Model CD
  • Responding to regulatory demands at Ark/La Natural Gas
  • Tricks for your [F9] key
  • The strategic advantages of Notes
May 1995
  • Integrating Notes with desktop applications
  • Welcome to Workspace for Lotus Notes
  • Lotus’ perspective on groupware
  • Finding new entries in Notes database
  • Installation instructions for Workspace for Lotus Notes Database
  • Improving sales productivity at Lexmark International
  • Formula Editor

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