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The Official Gewirtz Registry

People with the Gewirtz surname (whether David’s direct relatives or not) can be listed here on The Official Gewirtz Registry at GEWIRTZ.COM. If you’re a Gewirtz and want to be listed, send an email to Because of the hassles involved in maintaining email accounts for others, we at ZATZ are not giving out GEWIRTZ.COM email addresses, so please don’t ask.

Note: To avoid unnecessary email junk mail, we’ve replaced the at sign in email addresses with the word "-at-". When you attempt to contact someone on this Registry, please replace "-at-" with "@".

David Gewirtz, himself
You can contact David at His personal Web site is located at, and our corporate Web site is located at David says, My wife is the incredibly wonderful and lovely Denise Amrich. We got married in January 2005. You can read all about the wedding here.

Abigail Gewirtz
You can contact Abigail Gewirtz at Her Web address is

Abraham (Avi) Gewirtz
Abraham (Avi) Gewirtz is the son of Morris Gewirtz, who is the son of Bernard Gewirtz, the son of Elazar Gewirtz. Avi resides in Flatbush, Brooklyn. You can contact him at

Alan M. Gewirtz
Alan M. Gewirtz can be contacted at His Web page is at

Amelia Gewirtz
Amelia Gewirtz can be contacted at She has a profile here. She can also be contacted at and maintains a web site at She tells us, Hey it’s NY. Where else are songwriters senior VPs in a real estate firm?

Bonnie Bredes
Bonnie tells us: My name is Bonnie Bredes. My grandfather was Moshe (Morris) Gewirtz. His father was Henech (Henry) Gewirtz son of Avram. His siblings were Harry, Joseph, Elliot, Betty, Sally, and Mae. My understanding is that the family was from Dembitz, Poland. I can be reached at

Chaim Dovid Gewirtz
Chaim Dovid Gewirtz tells us:My father z’l (o.b.m.) was Oyzer Pinchas the son of Reb Yohah z’l. Reb Yonah had ten children, my father was the next to the youngest. I live in Jerusalem Israel. I have 2 brothers rabbi Yosef Arye (yusi) who runs Camp Toras Chesed and Rabbi Yonah, an adminastrator of a school in Brooklyn N.Y. He can be reached at

Daniel Gewirtz
Daniel Gewirtz tells us: I’m a lawyer at a large corporate firm in New York. Both my parents, Allen and Susan (not originally a Gewirtz) were teachers. My brother Michael is a social worker. Daniel can be reached at

David Gewirtz [4 listings]
Unbelievably, there appear to be other people using the David Gewirtz name even though they have not licensed the Official David Gewirtz Trademark from our David for their use.

In any case, if you’re looking for these other Davids (who we’re sure are great guys despite their use of David’s sacred, proprietary, and actually trademarked name), one can be reached at and maintains a Web page at Would you believe his middle initial is also "A"? It’s a wacky world we live in but at least his parents obviously had great taste in names.

Another David Gewirtz is Project Manager and Digital Preservation Architect at Yale University. He tells us he’s brother of Alan M.

Gewirtz (from Penn) and no known relation to Paul Gewirtz, the other

Gewirtz at Yale. This David can be reached at

Ruth Almog in Israel writes: My grandfather was David Gewirtz. He was born in Tartakov, Galicia, and grew up in Lemberg, then Austria, now Lvov in the Ukraine. He was related to the Horwitz family – Esther Horwitz was his cousin. He had a brother Shlomo and three sisters. After marrying my grandmother Rebeca Rubin from Tarnow the pair went to Germany and Settled in Chemnitz. He died in Palestine.

Frieda Gewirtz Stern
Bina Stern Blumenfrucht tells us:

My name is Bina Stern Blumenfrucht. My mother was Frieda Gewirtz Stern A"H. She had 3 sisters named Gerda(Gittel) A"H, Ann(Chana) A"H, Suzanne. Her father was Zev Gewirtz and his father was Chaim Yonah. The Chaim was added because he died young.

They resided in Berlin and arrived in America in 1938-39 immediately prior to the war and post Kristalnacht. They were originally from Poland. My grandfather Zev had a half brother Henry/Hennoch Gewirtz who lived in Brooklyn but never had children, and a sister Chava/Eva who lived in Brooklyn and never had any children too.

Since my grandfather only had daughters, that section of the family is not maintained by name. Zev’s wife was Ida Czupper who was somehow related distantly to the Gewirtz’s either directly or through marriage. They met in Berlin where Ida was a kinderfrau for a relative and Zev was a traveling salesman. Any info about this would be helpful.

Gregory S. Gewirtz
Gregory Gewirtz can be contacted at

Helena Rachel Chaia Gewirtz
Daivid Maymon ( is requesting any information on the relatives of Helena, who died in Austria in 1992. Daivid tells us Helena was a holocaust surviver born in 1914 in Egeres, Cluj, Romania. Her father’s first name was Rafual Daskal. Helena was married to Josef Avrham Gewirtz.

Heme Gewirtz
Benjamin Gewirtzman is looking for the family of Heme Gewirtz. He writes: Nehemia Gewirtzman, my grandfather’s brother, who was born in Brisk (Brest Litowsk), now in Belarus, came to the States in the beginning of the 20th century. Some time later he shortened his name to Heme Gewirtz. He lived in New York and passed away in the 50s or 60s. Since then our family lost all contact with his children. Do you happen to have any information about him or them? If you do have information on Heme or his family, Benjamin asks that you contact him at

Howard Gewirtz [2 listings]
Howard Gewirtz can be contacted at Another Howard Gewirtz can be reached at

Jason Gewirtz
Jason is a TV news producer for CNBC. He also worked for the ABC affiliate in New York City and the CBS station in Washington, also as a TV news news producer. He lives in New York City. He plays soccer, tennis and ice hockey in competitive leagues. Jason was born and raised in the Washington, DC suburbs in Maryland.

Jeffrey E. Gewirtz [2 listings]
Jeffrey E. Gewirtz can be contacted at

Jeffrey B. Gewirtz is currently a corporate lawyer with The Coca-Cola Company living in Atlanta. He can be contacted at

Jerry Gewirtz
You can contact Jerry Gewirtz at

Joel Gewirtz
Joel M. Gewirtz lives in the Chicago area. He tells us, “My father is Max Gewirtz who arrived in 1929 from Vienna Austria.” He can be contacted at

Jonathan Gewirtz [2 listings]
Jonathan Gewirtz can be contacted at He maintains a Web page at Another Jonathan Gewirtz can be contacted at He is Director, Business Development at ECONnergy Energy Company, Inc. He tells us his family is Galicianer, Jonah

Patriarch. According to Jonathan, "I know I’m related to the Jonathan from England who’s a professor in MN, and the family has a lot of Rabbis too, besides professors."

Josef Avrham Gewirtz
Daivid Maymon ( is requesting any information on the relatives of Josef Avrham, who died in Austria in 1980. Daivid tells us Josef Avrham was a holocaust surviver born in 1915 to Feiga Sheindal and Tzvi Yekutiel Karol in Bistritza, Transylvania, Romania. Josef Avrham was married to Helena Rachel Chaia Gewirtz.

Marilyn Gewirtz
You can contact Marilyn Gewirtz at

Menachem Gewirtz
Menachem tells us: My name is Menachem Gewirtz. The last Gewirtz posted, Yisroel, is my brother. My e-mail address is

Michael Gewirtz [3 listings]
Michael Gewirtz lives in Sacramento, CA and went to school in Boston, MA (Boston College). He’s 24 years old in 2003, and grew up in Fanwood, NJ. His branch of the Gewirtz clan comes from Michigan. He’s working for AmeriCorps*National Civilian Community Corps, Corporation for National and Community Service.

He tells us: This is a 10 month, team based national service program for 18-24 year olds. Our mission is to "strengthen communities and develop leaders through team based national and community service". I am the Service Learning Coordinator for the program and essentially support 24 teams/250 members with the educational aspects of their service work. Through guidance and structured reflection it is our hope that our members will continually seek to understand the larger social issues that surround their projects as well as identify ways in which they have learned and grown throughout their 10 months of service.

Graduated from Boston College in 2001 with a double major in Philosophy and Communications. Served on a team of student coordinators which managed 28 spring break service projects for over 500 students. Completed 11 months of National Service with AmeriCorps*NCCC as a leader of 12 young adults.

You can reach me at gewirtzm at or for work related questions such as what is AmeriCorps*NCCC and how can I get people involved reach me a mgewirtz at

Apparently, Michael’s brother is another David. And yet, can there really be more than one true David Gewirtz? This David has to wonder.

Another Michael Gewirtz is the brother of Daniel, son of Allen and Susan. Michael tells us: I work for the Department of Children & Families in Pompano Beach, Florida as a public assistance specialist. My address is 5340 Las Verdes Circle Apt 208 Delray Beach, Fla 33484.

I recently married on 2/24/03 to Elizabeth Amorin Gewirtz who’s from Peru. I’m bilingual & fluent in Spanish. My home tel is 561-498-8488. My father Allen Gewirtz also has the same address over the winter December to April of every year. He’s a retired school teacher & assistant principal for the NYC school system and has worked his entire career at various schools in the south Bronx.

I have my mother Susan Gewirtz, uncle Jerome & aunt Cynthia Gewirtz, cousins Eddie, Andrew, and Sharon Gewirtz. Eddie has 4 kids and Andrew has 2. Sharon is single and a professional violinist who attended Yale.

Michael can be reached at

Yet another Michael Gewirtz writes: I am Michael Gewirtz, a physician on Long Island with two children, Jordan and Janna. My parents were from Brooklyn Albert (Heshy) and Paula.

Micheal can be reached at

Paul Gewirtz [2 listings]
Paul Gewirtz has a web page at

Another Paul Gewirtz writes us, I’m Paul Gewirtz, a first cousin to the other Paul Gewirtz from Yale. My father was Samuel Gewirtz (Shmuel Shmelka) the son of Yehudah Gewirtz (gewurz was an earlier spelling).

They lived one generation in Berlin, till 1926, although the family stems originally from Galicia with a short stay in Vienna first before going to Berlin at the start of the 1900’s. There was a long line of rabbis, I was told, including Reb Itzikel from Belgium, Reb Elimelech from Lizhensk, and Rashi.

I left Brooklyn in the 60’s and have been in Cleveland almost forever. My kids are doctors and I know there are quite a few doctors in our family-not just rabbis. There’s a part of my family I never knew, stemming from an "Uncle Loozer" related to my grandfather Yehudah. I was told that the descendants live in New Jersey.

I retired from Ernst & Young as a Partner and Consulting Actuary at the end of 2003 and started my own consulting practice, which you can read about at I can be contacted there as well.

Perry Gewirtz
Angelo Pastormerlo writes, I’d like to register my friend Perry Gewirtz on your Gewirtz website.

Perry was born in Brooklyn, New York (I think) on December 28, 1934 (I know that’s accurate) and died in a hospice in the Bronx, NY on January 4, 2002. I had the pleasure of knowing him for about a decade.

We had independently attended an Abby Hoffman yartzeit event at some union local on Astor Place in New York City in the early 1990s. About a week later, we ran into each other at Polonia, a Polish restaurant on Avenue A between 7th and 8th Streets in Manhattan. We became fast friends and had a lot in common: a love of language, a love of words, a love of books, tropical fish, politics, animation, art, photography, restaurants, talking, intellectualism, films, et cetera, et cetera. A great joke teller and all around funny guy, he was also a great artist. And even over sixty years of age, he was a prodigious walker. I have a very crisp memory of walking over the Williamsburg Bridge and then walking right back over it to Manhattan. Perry was over twenty years older than me.

From what I understand, Perry had bowed out of serious Orthodox religious studies sometimes in the 1960s but was a devout Jew nevertheless. I often referred to him as an "amateur bible scholar" because of his profound grasp of all things biblical. He was also very conversant in the field of "Biblical Archaeology."

He was also an actor. His two main claims to fame were portraying (1) Sonny Johnson in Robert Downey Sr.’s "PUTNEY SWOPE" (yup, he was the flasher!) and (2) he was the Woody Allen double in the out of body/dream sequence in "ANNIE HALL." I guess his third claim to fame was being in Woody Allen’s "STARDUST MEMORIES," portraying the hippy out in the field who has the nice, big close-up talking abut the aliens coming. He loved animals and had the patience of a saint.

He was a scrupulous to the point of obsessive list maker. He kept lists of the movies that he saw (there was a point in the mid-1990s when he was seeing literally between two and five movies a day). He definitely saw a lot of bad movies. He also made lists of words. For instance, I clearly remember that he had personally annotated a copy of Charles Panati’s book of sexual words. It bulged with Post-Its as well as being filled to the gunnels (margins) with synonyms for the words in the book.

I missed Perry’s funeral. I was in Paris proposing to my wife during that first week of January in 2002 (I had schemed and devised a plan whereby me and my wife to be would be atop the Eiffel Tower on her birthday, January 8 (yes!! An Elvis baby!!) so I could propose to her. Not original, yes, I know, but still packs quite the wallop, believe me (after all, it’s the perfect intersection of "TIMING, TIMING, TIMING" and "LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION"). We were staying with some friends of mine outside of Paris and my roommate at the time called with the bad news. We had visited him twice at Calvary Hospital, a hospice in the Bronx, in December 2001 and he was fading fast. Once, when he came over to my apartment in Brooklyn in the late 1990s, we talk a little neighborhood walk and he showed me where he used to live on Thirteenth Avenue (in the high 40s) in the 1940s or 1950s.

Clearly, I could go on about Perry for a while so I’ll close with a little story, perhaps my favorite "Perry Story." Although conflicted about his religiosity, Perry always kept a crisp set of what I think he called "the duds," that is, a very religious suit (I don’t know the real name but I think you know what I mean). He had them because he got a lot of film extra work as an Orthodox Jew but he had them on hand for a variety of other reasons: weddings, funerals, et cetera. Perry wore glasses and had a frazzly graying, reddish beard and when he put on "the duds," he looked the part. If you know what I mean.

He told me that once he went to Shiva at the house of someone who had lost a relative and of course, he put on "the duds." He told me, and he wasn’t bragging – he was merely stating what had happened and I believed every syllable of it – that when he arrived, the crowded room actually parted as he walked through. People were scampering to get out of the way of what they obviously had thought was some Grand Rebbe.

Anyway, to have been considered a peer and fellow lover of books, museums, words, animals, art, et cetera, by Perry was one of the intellectually validating episodes in my life. In our ten years of friendship, I can say unequivocally that we never had a single harsh word with oneanother. Never. Not once. The time we spent was always seamless and open-ended and never enough.

Perry is survived by a sister, Henny, and at least one brother whose names I don’t remember. She lives somewhere in Long Island. I met her once, at the unveiling of Perry’s tombstone. I don’t have her address so I’ll have to call her and get her address so I can mail this to her.

Anyway, in the perfect world, or if I had been madly wealthy, Perry’s library would have been preserved and an archive, a foundation in his name, a library, et cetera, set up for him. But alas, le monde parfait is decidedly NOT where we find ourselves and his books were unceremoniously disposed of, sold for a small percentage of their value. I’m sure many were discarded. I was offered the opportunity of going through them and taking what I wanted but I declined for a variety of reasons.

I hope a non-Gewirtz can register a Gewirtz. Thanks for the opportunity of waxing elegiac about my old pal, Perry Gewirtz.

Robert Gewirtz
Robert Gewirtz writes, My name is Robert Gewirtz. My father’s name was Sidney Gewirtz. He had a brother who changed his name from Morris Morton Gewirtz to Morton Gewirtz Morris. My grandfathers name was Ruben Gewirtz. I live in New Jersey and it was nice to see other Gewirtz’.

I am a retired N.Y.C. Board of Education Guidance Counselor and H.S. Basketball Coach. My wife is a teacher in New Jersey, my son is a doctor in New Jersey and my daughter works for Goldman Sachs in Manhattan. My parents were very active in the Jewish War Veterans. Also Dana Gewirtz recently married my son, Dr. Matthew Gewirtz. My e-mail address is

Sandra Gewirtz
Sandra Gewirtz writes us, I am Sandra Gewirtz, married to Abraham and would like to be registered on the Gewirtz registry. She can be reached at

Simon "Shimin" Gewirtz
Simon writes, My father is Daniel Eliyahu Gewirtz, his father is Rabbi Yonah Gewirtz, his father is Rabbi Abba Zalka Gewirtz (from telshe)! He can be reached at

Susan Ellen Gewirtz
Susan Ellen Gewirtz writes us, My name is Susan Ellen Gewirtz. I reside in Florida. I originally come from Forest Hills, Queens. My father’s name was Louis Gewirtz and my mothers name is Enid Gewirtz. I had a sister named Lori Robin Gewirtz, who unfortunately was killed in a car accident in 1979. I also have a brother named Louis Gewirtz who also lives in Florida.Please write me back. My home email address is

Vivian Gewirtz
Beverly Spear reports: My mother was Vivian Gewirtz. She was the daughter of Joseph and Freida Gewirtz.

William Gewirtz
William Gewirtz writes us, I am William Lawrence Gewirtz. My father’s name was Jonas and he too is from Galicia. He told me that the family is from Dembitz, a city in Galicia Poland and spread from there in the mid 18th century. Parts of the Horwitz family is related to Gewirtz (some g/h conversion in Russian??) Most Gewirtz’s are a part of this family with a few unrelated Gewirtz’s of Hungarian descent. Common Gewirtz male names (beyond Yonah) are Shmuel, Zev, Daniel, Yehudah, Abba, Eliyahu, Zechariah, Yitzchak, Henoch, etc. A lot of rabbis/professors/PhDs in the family. Check the Dembitz history sites for some more background. William Gewirtz can be reached at

Yisrael Gewirtz
Yisrael Gewirtz writes us, I am a Gewirtz. My name is Yisrael Gewirtz. My father is Rabbi Henach Gewirtz. His father is Aaron Gewirtz, son of Henach, son of Yonah, son of Aaron. Yisrael Gewirtz can be reached at

Zachary David Gwirtz
Zachary writes us, Sorry, I didn’t read the rest of the e-mails on this page before I sent my first e-mail. Forgot to give my email address to, (419) 295-5236. I am a 26 year old full-time Firefighter for the City of Shelby, OH. I also have been in the Air National Guard for over 8 years. I also farm(crops), and work construction in my spare time. My father, Dennis, is a retired Math teacher, a painting contractor and also farms, as my family has done as far back as I have found so far. My wife, Jennifer and I have a daughter, Brooklyn(4) and Son, Samuel(9 mo.)

Well, I just figured out that most of the Gewirtz family is Jewish. I had know idea. My branch that started with Balthasar Gewirtz buying land in Shelby, OH in 1832 has been apart of the Sacred Heart Catholic Church since it’s birth in 1834. Our name probably dropped the "E" when Balthasar moved from Fellering, a town in the French province of Alsace. Alsace was filled with primarily German speaking inhabitants. I have been looking on the internet for Gwirtz ancestory since I was in Germany in 2003. I finally found two more generations further back than we had known before in someone elses family tree on Roots Web just 3 days ago. We did not know exactly where in Alsace Balthasar had come from, nor did we know much about him. I know now that his father was Josephus Gewirtz b. 1755 and that his father was Andreas Gewirtz b. 1723/1724. Both from Fellering. There are many Gwirtz families that have decended from Balthasar. Many still live in the Shelby Settlement area.

As I stated in my first email, I will be leaving for Germany on Saturday the 9th of August and will only be about an hour or two away from Fellering, France. I plan on visiting the area and hopefully finding Gewirtz decendants. Also I am very interested in the whole Gewirtz history and how far back we can be traced.

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