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David hosts ZDNet Government -- ZDNet's politics and policy coffeehouse -- where civics lessons meet technology, nothing is sacred, and everything is fair game.

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For more than 20 years, David Gewirtz, the author of How To Save Jobs, Where Have All The Emails Gone?, and The Flexible Enterprise, has analyzed current, historical, and emerging issues relating to technology, competitiveness, and policy.

Through his articles, TV and radio interviews, classes, seminars, webinars, and speeches, David reaches millions of information technology professionals, C-level executives, entrepreneurs, business owners and policy makers each week. He is a thought leader who has helped bring perspective and understanding to his audiences worldwide. Here is what some of them say:

David was very humorous, well informed, and made a great presentation. I could have listened to David for much more than an hour and a half as he had great information … you don’t normally run across.

– Independent Computer Consultants Association

The high quality of your presentation … was extremely well-received. On a more personal note, I feel that I was very fortunate in having such a remarkable speaker. It certainly made my job as chairman very simple.

– United States Coast Guard Academy

Whether offering insight into technology trends, helping small and large businesses remain competitive in a wildly changing world, providing a broader perspective on policy matters, or helping leaders understand the big technology and security challenges facing citizens throughout the world, David makes complex topics understandable, difficult issues compelling, and challenging concerns actionable and solvable.

Suggested topics include:

How To Save Jobs

Reinventing business, reinvigorating work, and reawakening the American dream.

The Health Care Hostage Crisis

Every American is being held hostage by the largest special-interest group in the history of the world. David tells the story of how we got into this mess and will help you understand the mind-boggling magnitude of the problem. It’s a life and death battle for the health and welfare of each of us. And guess what? We’re not winning.

How to Save Health Care

David outlines some exciting, challenging, and brave approaches to saving health care in the United States. He’s controversial, analytical, and quite possibly right.

The State of Jobs in America

A shocking and disturbing look into how changes worldwide have created enormous disruption in the very nature of jobs in America.

The Rise of the Entrepreneur Society

We need to transform America back into an entrepreneurial society and use our independence, creativity, and unbounded productivity to take back our means of production, our means of income, and create our own jobs.

Working Green by Working From Home

Each person who works from home is someone who’s helping to save our resources, our roads, our air, and possibly the planet itself.

America Buys American

American state and federal governments aren’t just sending our tax dollars overseas and our jobs overseas. They’re also handing over our physical, border, and information security to foreign corporations, in some cases to corporations operated by the governments of the countries that attacked us.

Reinventing Unemployment

One thing most people don’t know about unemployment compensation is that it’s actually not available to most Americans who lose their jobs.

The Dark Side of Social Networking

When it comes to social networking, it’s not what you know, or who you know — it’s who knows you. And that’s pretty much where the trouble starts.

White House Email

How something as seemingly benign as White House email can have freaky national security consequences.

Digital Defense: The Coming Cyberwar

When it comes to cyberwar, the question isn’t if. It’s how soon, how many, and how bad. Trends in cyberterrorism.

Thriving, not just surviving

Powerfully effective hands-on tips, techniques, and strategies that you personally can take to keep and create jobs, without waiting for or relying on politicians to get their acts together.

The Flexible Enterprise

How to reinvent your company, unlock your strengths, and prosper in this insanely changing world.

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